Center For Interfaith Projects
     Promoting Understanding and Respecting Differences

About Us

The Center for Interfaith Projects is a 501c3 committed to promoting understanding and respecting differences. Our mission is to educate the community about different faiths and secular world views; increase understanding and respect across lines of difference; foster cooperation among local faith and secular communities to solve common community problems; and help individuals searching for a spiritual or secular home to find one.

Board Members:

Phil Mouch Mysticism
Abijit Ghosh  Hinduism
Mary C. Struck  buddhadarma practice
Bonnie Klein Judaism
David B. Myers Judaism
Sue Koesterman  Lutheranism
Ellen Mahli Catholicism
Trish Tallakson Christian Pluralism
Mallory Allen Quakerism
Fauzia Haider Islam
Ahmed Kamel  Islam
Rick Henderson Baha'i Faith
Brandon Baker Humanism
Ron Gaul Humanism and Unitarian Universalism